Branded Promotional Products

The Power of Branded Promo Products

Branded promotional products are tangible & long-lasting. They increase brand recognition, loyalty and retention and are a cost-effective marketing tool.

They’re also a proven way to build brands, improve sales and make a great impression.

Whether you’re just starting up and eager to generate brand awareness or are already well established and need to increase sales, branded promotional products will help you make a great impression.

Quite simply, when it comes to brand building, few strategies are as effective!

How do branded promotional products make an impact?

The power of branded promo products

Reasons for keeping promotional products

All items: Quality 52% | Utility 48% | Attractiveness 36%

Reasons for keeping promotional products

Some interesting research findings:

Promotional Writing Instrumentsuments
Promotional Bags
Promotional Headwear
Promotional T-shirts
Promotional Memory Sticks
Promotional Drinkware

Source: “The Power of Promotional Products” (Amrod publication).
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