Copier Paper


Our range of copier paper includes a number of national brands, and is guaranteed to support the most demanding applications.

  • Discovery
  • Typek
  • Rotatrim
  • Logo A4
Copier Paper


Lithotech is the sole distributor of Discovery copier paper in South Africa.

Discovery is a genuinely eco-efficient paper range – it is made using less wood, meaning you get great performance using fewer natural resources. And its special formula guarantees runnability and no paper jams, giving you great performance.

Features include:

  • A4
  • Eco-efficient
  • Guaranteed runnability
  • No paper jams
  • Great performance
Copier Paper


Typek is an 80gsm bond paper that is suited to general office use. It can be used on laser, ink-jet and xerographic devices.

Features include:

  • A4 & A3
  • 80gsm bond paper
  • Suited to general office use
  • Suitable for use on laser, inkjet and xerographic devices
Copier Paper


Rotatrim offers high whiteness, smoothness and reliability – and a guarantee of hassle-free running and never having to worry about paper jams or problems.

Features include:

  • A4 & A3
  • High whiteness, smoothness & reliability
  • Hassle-free running
  • No paper jams or problems
Copier Paper

Logo A4

Lithotech’s Logo A4 is photocopy paper that is printed with a customer’s logo, which minimises stock shrinkage and reduces costs.

In companies of any size, a considerable amount of office copier paper is used in the office for private purposes, removed for use at home, or stolen for sale on the black market.

As Logo A4 is branded, it is difficult for staff to use for private purposes and cannot be resold – so less paper will disappear and overall usage will be reduced (savings of 15-20% have been noted).

Features include:

  • Custom-printed in up to 8 colours
  • Minimises stock shrinkage & reduces costs