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Tagging Systems

Tagging Systems


Elevate brands through innovative apparel tagging solutions that communicate brand message, price, size or barcode information and increase consumer appeal and perceived value. Industry-leading installation tools ensure fast and efficient application at source for greater productivity.

The original Swiftachment fastening system was invented in the 1960s and is still the industry preference for tag attaching today, as it has revolutionised the apparel and retail industries by producing a quick, safe and cost-effective method to attach price and brand tags to garments.

Swing-tickets and tags are largely used in the retail clothing industry, where garments that are not clearly marked can cause unnecessary work in establishing the information such as price and size – resulting in increased costs and a loss of profits. An effective tagging system is therefore an essential.

Lithotech offers a range of tagging solutions for every requirement. Our range includes the relevant tools, needles and fasteners so as to ensure secure attachment to each item.

Tagging Systems


Plain or printed tags can be supplied as single items or in reels or packs (with or without sprockets), with punched eyelets or die-cut to facilitate fastening. Variable information can be printed onto continuous tags using our thermal or thermal transfer printers.

Options include:

  • Any size
  • Printed in up to 8 colours
  • Variety of paper stocks
  • Range of finishing options
Tagging Systems

Tagging Guns

Lithotech supplies a comprehensive range of hand-held and pneumatic tagging guns to suit every requirement:

  • The standard range is suited to everyday applications
  • The fine fabric range is suited to the tagging of fine and delicate fabrics as it reduces the risk of holes and snags when attaching tags to delicate materials
  • The heavy-duty range is specifically designed for tough and demanding packaging and pairing applications
Tagging Systems


There is a wide range of fasteners available for tagging different garments and many other applications. Basic options relate to fabric delicacy, the distance the tag needs to hang from where the fastener will be attached and how strong the fastener needs to be.

Lithotech offers a range of polypropylene and nylon fasteners in numerous styles, colours and sizes:

  • Paddle fasteners are ideal for attaching tickets
  • T-end fasteners are perfect for pairing
  • Hook-tach fasteners for hanging goods such as socks and gloves
  • Loop fasteners for securing and packaging
  • Secur-a-tach fasteners are fast, economical and secure, making them the perfect solution for tagging hard goods – using Secur-a-tach loop fasteners is easy: the tail is inserted into the fastener head and the fastener loop is closed
  • Secur-a-tie fasteners are loop fasteners with a cinching fastener that can adjust to a snug, custom fit
Tagging Systems


Lithotech offers a variety of standard replacement needles:

  • Standard (plastic base)
  • Heavy-duty (all-steel)
  • Heavy-duty long versions

The plastic base and all-steel replacement needles have an effective length of 0.5 inches (12mm), and the all-steel is recommended for most heavy-duty applications.