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Campaign Management is a specialised area of Supply Management that spans the entire lifecycle of a marketing campaign – from inception to launch to evaluation – and offers planning, distributing, tracking and analysis of marketing campaign elements.
Types of campaigns include:
• Seasonal
• Special occasions
• Product launches
• Sales & promotions Types of products include:
• Display material
• Printed collateral
• Gifts & giveaways
• Special uniform items
Using custom-developed Campaign Manager software, we ensure that campaign deadlines are met and that stock obsolescence and write-offs are minimalised.
                          CAMPAIGN MANAGER SOFTWARE
Campaign Manager is a complete logistics system designed to facilitate the effective and efficient distribution of printed, display and marketing materials to multiple branches.
• Campaign set-up
• Element production
• Receiving & warehousing
• Preparation & distribution
Campaign Manager enables planners and management to track the logistics and production performance of each campaign, paying particular attention to waste, supplier, distribution centre and courier performance.
The system provides real-time visibility of each process and its progress in line with the campaign/project timelines, allowing key stakeholders to focus on areas requiring particular attention.
Once campaigns/projects end, stock-on-hand figures are automatically made available to campaign planners in order to facilitate the disposal of any excess material.

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