Supply Management

Cost savings and improved branch efficiency.

Lithotech’s Supply Management service enables branches, retail outlets and other remote business units to operate more efficiently – it facilitates decentralised ordering under central control and reduces operating costs.

These seemingly incompatible outcomes are achieved through a holistic approach to improving ordering, procurement, storage and distribution processes associated with non-trading items.

Supply Management is the one-stop, all-in-one service that leaves you to get on with business.

About Supply Management

By incorporating our Supply Management service into the support network for your branches, Lithotech will streamline your procurement, storage, ordering and distribution processes – and save you money.

Lithotech’s Supply Management service comprises two core elements:

  • An online procurement platform that is accessible by branches for the placing of orders for non-trading items. Using client-defined business rules such as minimum stock levels, maximum order value and individual authorisation levels, we ensure that orders are fulfilled correctly and within budgetary guidelines.
  • Secure warehousing with a sophisticated warehouse management system, from where items can be delivered speedily to branches.

Supply management contracts are customisable to each organisation’s requirements, and can incorporate any number of services from the range available. Services include sourcing, procuring, receiving, storing, picking and packaging, distributing and detailed reporting on items used by clients in their day-to-day business operations.

Our service includes:


The types of non-trading items typically provided through a Supply Management contract include:

Non-Trading Items

Core Service Components

Online Catalogue & Ordering

Lithotech offers a customised online ordering platform that is accessible by branches and outlets.

  • Simplifies the placing of orders for non-trading items
  • Limits items available for selection only to those approved, avoiding costly substitute
  • Provides a secure login for each branch
  • Ensures effective workflow-based order authorisation


Required items are procured according to best practice principles. A pool of approved suppliers is established, and regular reviews ensure that standards are met.

  • Ensures competitive prices, maximisation of economies of scale
  • Achieves consistent high quality
  • Improves corporate identity control

Storage & Distribution

Items are received and stored at our secure warehouse which operates under a sophisticated warehouse management system.

  • Provides for the storage of bulk and individual items
  • Supports the distribution of non-trading items using either our freight company or a customer-specified courier service
  • Facilitates the immediate despatch of picked items
  • Reduces ordering errors through a barcode system that ensures compliance with ‘unit of measure’

Analysis & Reporting

Lithotech’s custom-developed software analyses and interprets ERP data.

  • Identifies slow moving items, excessive usage and wastage
  • Monitors usage trends and anomalies by item, branch and region
  • Tracks stock levels and average usage
  • Improves procurement planning
  • Reduces working capital

The Basic Operational Steps

The Basic Operational Steps

How Supply Management Works

Branch Orders

Branches log in to catalogue, browse and place orders.

Order Authorisation

Branch orders are electronically sent for authorisation by a pre-approved authoriser.

The authoriser logs in and approves or amends the order and issues a purchase order (or accepts a system-generated purchase order).

Order Processing

Orders are received and processed, and items are picked and packed.

Order Distribution

Orders are distributed to the branch.

Online Ordering

Our online ordering platform, Lithotech Online, has been designed with our customers in mind – it is an easy-to-use system that is flexible, yet completely reliable. Never has there been an easier way for branches and outlets to place orders for non-trading items that are essential for operating efficiently.

Online Ordering

Built around our proprietary procurement technology, Lithotech Online – a web based, electronic procurement solution for central and remote users – is a secure, integrated ordering system that enhances good procurement practices.

The Benefits


  • Our online ordering platform simplifies the placing of orders for critical non-trading items
  • Only approved items are available for selection, avoiding costly and non-compliant substitutes
  • Fulfilment time is reduced, avoiding out-of-stock situations
  • Ad hoc promotional items can be quickly produced and distributed, ensuring timeous nationwide availability
  • Advanced reporting identifies wastage and excessive item expenditure at branch and regional level
  • Reduction in stock obsolescence
  • Reduction in working capital (stock at branches)
  • Elimination of rogue buying

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