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Lithotech is South Africa’s leading specialist in printing, supply management, marketing material, office supplies and labels. With an experienced salesforce that offers customised solutions, comprehensive manufacturing facilities and a national warehouse infrastructure, Lithotech truly offers print and so much more.

Print and so much more.

Lithotech’s comprehensive range of business communications solutions was made possible through both organic growth and a number of strategic acquisitions over many years – positioning us as the leading single-source supplier of consumables, printing and related services on a national basis.

By encouraging continual product and service development, Lithotech is able to offer a comprehensive range of products that are above the industry norm. Our offering improves the effectiveness of customer operations, makes business processes more efficient and reduces costs.


Lithotech, the recognised leader in the manufacture and supply of business-related printed products in South Africa, offers a complete range of products for every business need.

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Supply Management

Lithotech’s Supply Management service enables branches, retail outlets and other remote business units to operate more efficiently and to reduce operating costs.

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Marketing Materials

Prestigious-looking marketing material provides organisations with a competitive edge. Consumers know what information they need in order to make informed buying decisions.

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Office Supplies

Whether you need printer consumables, photocopy paper, till rolls or labels, you can be assured that Lithotech can provide you with a quality product that is available ex-stock.

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The importance of labels cannot be underestimated. Labels identify ownership, show origins, warn of danger, persuade buyers, acknowledge receipt, describe contents, instruct users, indicate price, and direct shipments, and are a vital component of an efficient business system.

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