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Business Forms

Form Follows Function

Business forms are an essential element in the management of every organisation and exist as part of an integrated business information system – resulting in the facilitation of efficient, timely and accurate management reporting.

An efficient business information system combines a series of basic functions – including the timely gathering of information, recording of activities and reporting of results – that are responsible for controlling an organisation’s operations or evaluating its performance. All business functions utilise a basic form that provides the source record for that function and contains critical information required for the effective functioning of other forms. This form may even be the source record for an entire cycle, containing data that is needed by other functions within the cycle. Every business, be it manufacturing, retail, wholesale or service, have two things in common:

  • They must effectively manage the information generated by their day-to-day commercial activities
  • They must establish standard ways of performing certain common activities to accomplish that goal

9 Key Operations
9 Key Operations

The common activities within every organisation are known as the ‘9 Key Operations’. These key operations are interdependent – each requiring the data and procedures provided by the others – with business forms providing an effective means of managing and communicating this information.

The professional and effective design of a form requires the thorough analysis of the system within which the form will be used – a detailed understanding of the various integrated elements and complexities of the business systems and operations is required in order to provide effective business forms.

Lithotech will design a cost-effective solution that streamlines your document flow, incorporating appropriate aesthetic and security features, while ensuring that your company image is maintained.

With SmartPaper®, Less is More

Lithotech’s SmartPaper® solution offers a systematic review of an organisation’s forms and associated processes for the purpose of streamlining workflows, optimising efficiency and reducing costs. Through this process, forms are made to be more effective through improved design – resulting in a reduction of paper and an increased efficiency in the circulation of information.

Integrated Business Solutions

As the largest direct-selling integrated business forms manufacturer in South Africa, Lithotech’s product range satisfies a broad range of business needs.

  • Computer forms
  • Barcoded forms
  • Cheques and security documents
  • Listing paper
  • Unit sets
  • Books & pads
  • Wage / salary envelopes and advices
  • Pressure Seal forms and equipment

Computer Forms

Lithotech offers computer forms – such as invoices, statements and inventory cards – in continuous and cut-sheet formats.

As they can be processed more quickly – thereby saving time and increasing productivity – continuous forms (single or multi-part) are often preferred for high-volume processing. Lithotech’s continuous computer forms provide problem-free handling on computer printers, scanners and automatic identification systems.

Lithotech’s cut-sheet forms, which are inexpensive and can be produced quickly and easily, are ideal for systems not suited to continuous forms or unit sets.

Available in an almost endless combination of sizes and constructions, our computer forms can incorporate any of the following features:

  • Printing in up to 8 colours
  • Laser-compatible materials, such as heat-resistant ink and laser-bond paper
  • Consecutive numbering
  • A variety of down and cross perforation options
  • File-hole punching
  • Security features (including micro printing, visible and invisible fluorescent inks and watermarked paper)
  • Integrated envelopes, postcards, cards and labels

Barcoded Forms

Barcoding is the dominant automatic identification technology and is used on many different types of business forms to improve quality, provide control and increase productivity. Lithotech can provide continuous (single or multi-part) or sheeted forms with an original variable or random barcode on all parts. Our quality assurance procedures ensure that bar-codes are verified as readable, and have not been duplicated.

Cheques & Security Documents

Lithotech has developed and perfected a comprehensive range of products and features designed to combat fraud in documents such as cheques, gift vouchers, certificates, title deeds and licences. These features include micro printing, anti-photocopy design features, visible and invisible fluorescent inks, watermarked paper and special packaging. Lithotech will design and manufacture security documents incorporating anti-fraud security features appropriate to your specific needs. Lithotech is accredited by the CMSA (Cheques and MICR Standards Authority).

Listing Paper

Lithotech produces a large range of listing (computer print-out) paper in a variety of sizes and paper stocks:

  • Printed (eyeline) or blank
  • Custom or stock
  • Single or multi-part

Unit Sets

Lithotech offers a flexible range of unit sets – multi-part carbonless forms whose parts are fastened in a common glued stub that provides for easy separation of parts – suitable for hand writing or machine processing.

  • Wide variety of papers and inks
  • Consecutive numbering
  • A variety of down and cross perforation options
  • File-hole punching
  • Variety of construction features, such as special gluing techniques that allow a unit set to be separated into sections that remain intact
  • Convenient and clean to handle
  • Selective transfer of data
  • Supplied in singles, pads or books

Books & Pads

Lithotech offers a variety of book and pad construction options for combining sheets or unit sets:

  • Wraparound or quarter-bound hard or soft covers
  • Perfect binding, saddle-stitching or stapling
  • With or without backing boards

Wage/Salary Envelopes & Advices

Lithotech offers a variety of document options for the confidential communication of payroll information such as wage/salary envelopes. Advices can be continuous constructions for high-speed computer processing, or cut-sheet for processing by hand or desktop printers.

A continuous wage envelope is a specialised multi-part form product that facilitates simultaneous completion of the recipient’s name and address on the outside and confidential payroll information on the inside.

Perfect for small-volume applications, ‘Peel-&-Seal’, our unique cut-sheet advice, incorporates an adhesive that is protected by silicone-release paper, which, when removed, facilitates easy and secure sealing.

Pressure Seal Forms & Equipment

Pressure Seal is a complete system with forms and equipment that are designed to work together to offer a flexible, reliable and economical package.

The special glue used in Lithotech’s pressure seal forms is endorsed by every major computer printer company worldwide. No consumables are needed. Pressure – exerted by rollers in the pressure seal machine – results in corresponding glue patterns on the form to stick together to form a secure, sealed envelope. The document is imaged, folded, sealed, and then becomes its own carrier – with guaranteed integrity and security, and without the added cost of consumables.

Pressure Seal is ideal for a number of applications, including:

  • Pay advices
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Tax certificates
  • Notifications


Forms can be supplied in continuous or cut-sheet format. Lithotech only uses papers whose characteristics guarantee that the forms will remain stable throughout the finishing process, while still holding their sealing ability.

A number of fold types are available.

View the different fold types and their characteristics.

Equipment Range

Lithotech offers a full range of mechanised pressure sealers – from low-volume desk-top models to high-volume departmental models.

Our high-volume sealers offer the highest hourly-rated volumes on the market, with an ease of use for all operators; medium-volume sealers are exceptionally reliable and user-friendly workhorses for any remote installation; and our low-volume sealers are ideal for a small office environment where a small foot print and quiet running speeds are essential.

View our equipment range and machine specifications.