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Computer Paper

Computer Paper

Lithotech’s range of computer paper provides problem-free processing on printers linked to mini computers, large computer systems and barcode and automatic identification systems.

Listing Paper

Continuous blank listing paper is suitable for use in a variety of applications, and is available in a large range of sizes and paper stocks, in a single or multi-part construction.


Eyeline (continuous computer print-out paper), which is printed with a design that facilitates easy reading of printed information, is available in a single or multi-part construction, in a variety of sizes and paper stocks.

Pay Advices

Lithotech offers a number of off-the-shelf options for the confidential communication of payroll information.

Ideal for the processing of small quantities of pay advices through desktop printing devices, our laser payslips are supplied with a unique “peel-&-seal” feature to facilitate easy and secure sealing.

Lithotech’s continuous wage envelopes are specialised multi-part form products that facilitate the simultaneous completion of the recipient’s details on the outside and confidential payroll information on the inside to save on processing time and manual intervention.