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Thermal Labelling Systems

Thermal Labelling Systems


Lithotech believes in providing a total solution to clients, which is why aside from supplying labels, we also supply systems that allow you to print your own labels according to your business needs.

Direct thermal printers image directly onto the paper, while thermal transfer printers use a temperature-sensitive ink ribbon that transfers ink to paper or synthetic label material when heated. Thermal and thermal transfer systems are perfect for labels that are required to be computer-printed with variable information (eg, barcodes) on-site.

Thermal Labelling Systems


Lithotech supplies both direct thermal and thermal transfer labels that can be used in virtually any industry, for numerous applications:

  • Manufacturing (box labels, instruction labels, quality control labels)
  • Retail (scale labels, shelf-edge labels, promotional labels, security labels, jewellery labels)
  • Shipping (port of destination labels, tracking labels, shipping and receiving labels)
  • Warehousing (picking labels, stock-take labels, purchase order and inventory labels)
Thermal Labelling Systems

Printers & Scanners

Lithotech’s range of direct thermal and thermal transfer printers offer efficiency and value for money. Printers can be stand-alone (requiring no additional hardware or software) or connected to a PC and supported with advanced software. We also supply scanners for verifying printed barcodes.

Our service department is well-equipped to repair and maintain the full range of printers and scanners, and maintenance contracts are also available.

Thermal Labelling Systems

Printer Software

Lithotech’s labelling software allows users to easily and conveniently create a variety of labels for various applications.

Our software offers the following features:

  • Multiple fonts, portrait or landscape formats, the ability to import custom graphics, logos and typestyles
  • A wide variety of barcode symbologies
  • Database import and export capabilities
  • An easy to use WYSIWYG interface for viewing completed labels (including barcodes, text, logos, line art and graphics) on your computer monitor before printing
Thermal Labelling Systems


Lithotech supplies an extensive range of SABS-approved high-quality thermal transfer ribbons that ensure optimum printer performance.

Ribbons are available in a variety of colours, and in wax, resin or wax-resin formulations.